REVOLUTIONS ARTIST MGMT is dedicated to the launching of emerging talent into the music industry as well as promoting already accomplished musicians. Our mission is to establish an enduring and successful local and global career. Nourishing the creative expression of its artists, REVOLUTIONS tailors its management style to help dreams and visions become reality. 

We provide development and support for our artists through publicity, promotion, online presence, branding, bookings, gigs, touring, recording and merchandising and more. We align venues and festivals with our original and cover artists to provide quality, professionalism and mutual satisfaction. 

REVOLUTIONS also offers Session Players with  wide variety of exceptional musicians from the Australian industry. Our artist client base can provide musicians for touring, sessions, recording and fill-in gigs.  

Our cover artists are available for venues, corporate, weddings and events. We will find the right artist for your requirements. All our artists are of the best and highest quality, to ensure your event music is exactly what you asked for. There is no hit and miss...only perfection!