Raku One O'gaia

A towering 6 foot 5 inches tall, he is a fluent raconteur spreading feel-good vibes in the high energy performances that are his trademark.

Beginning in the depths of London’s Underground Subways, he honed his skills in the volatile world of workingmen’s pubs, clubs and bars across Europe, England and Australia. O’Gaia has become a one-of-a-kind singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, and a classic tunesmith with several diverse and uplifting releases to his name.

His dynamic groove-laden rhythms on guitar, mouth-harp, slide guitar and assorted percussion move from toe tapping country-funk  to transcendental blues, road-ready rock’n’roll, heart-rending ballads and even a sprinkling vibe toting reggae all in the service of the most positive and inspiring songs played back to back...anywhere.

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