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Having dedicated her life to being a full-time musician since she could remember (let’s say since her early teens), Alisha’s passion for performing, writing and creating music has been embedded deep into her everyday.

You’ll either find her performing with one of her original music projects - award winning 6 piece Soul/Funk outfit ‘Volcanic Lovers’ (QMusic Awards 2021) and her emerging Indie Pop duo with partner and local musical legend, Scott French, ‘GENIIE BOY’ - or she’ll be providing the soundtrack to a celebration of love or even getting the D-Floor started with a 7 piece party band.

Alisha’s style naturally leans towards more soulful genres and her solo sound is inspired by the greats of the acoustic world - think Corrine Bailey-Rae meets City And Colour - but her 90’s pop roots and country town upbringing always become prominent with her live-looped beats and re-worked versions of old classics.

She’s no stranger to the stage and with her years of experience reading crowds and serenading rooms, Alisha is sure to soundtrack your day with her signature warmth, with a smile all the while.


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