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Blade Hooper is a Perth born Singer/Songwriter & Guitarist who combines Mayeresque music sensibilities with his love for 90’s Alt Rock, Folk Pop and Soul. 

Inspired by acts like John Mayer, Radiohead, Post Malone and Chet Faker, Blade wears his influences on his sleeve through expressive guitar playing, songwriting and vocal performances. 

With an incoming stream of singles including I Know (Let It Go) and an EP in the works, Blade is already making 2023 a prolific year for his music and is currently performing shows solo and with his backing band The Algorithms.

Whether it’s intimate acoustic shows, high octane band sets or a spontaneous live performance with Post Malone, Blade Hooper is covering ground with brave and vulnerable performances full of risk.

Blade Hooper

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Blade  is a brilliant performer and can cover events from casual to corporate.

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