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Combined with his warm, passionate vocal tone likened to John Mayer & James Morrison, Jason McGregor is energetic versatile and a much sought-after talent whose soulful performances have captivated and moved both local and international audiences over the past 16 years.

A national finger style guitar champion and endorsee for Fenech Guitars, Fender/Gretsch Guitars and Line 6 Electronics, he has toured with such notable performers as international country superstar Adam Brand, Shoshana Bean (USA),  The Voice’s Luke Kennedy and Naomi Price, and Australian Idol Finalist Paulini.

He won 'The People's Choice Award 2016' at the Gold Coast Music Awards and Jason's other accolades include winning in 3 categories for the Australian Songwriter Awards, and taking home a QMusic Award with Gold Coast local legends group, The Lamplights. 

With an ever-growing repertoire of songs and wide variety of musical styles -- from soul, rock, jazz and contemporary through to dance -- Jason also offers a flexible range of line-up options -- from solo through to five-piece with his exceptional band - Jason McGregor & The Smyths.

Priding himself on versatility and professionalism, Jason attentively caters to each individual need and guarantees every event will be unforgettable -- be that an intimate wedding or full-scale corporate show.

Leading as one of Australia’s most sought-after talents, Jason is a very engaging performer whose acoustic guitar magic leaves audiences spellbound wherever he plays, as Tommy Emmanuel himself enthuses, “I am very impressed with Jason as a player and a person.” Tommy continues,  “One of the great joys in music is hearing young players who can blow your socks off with technical skill, attitude and enthusiasm. One such guitarist is Jason McGregor.”


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Jason is a consummate professional performer, perfect for your event! 

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