Yac & Noah Fonoti are simply two brothers who love music & love to perform…

Originally from New Zealand, their father Toni Fonoti, is their biggest influence and inspiration. Deemed musical royalty, Toni was the lead singer and songwriter for the iconic kiwi reggae band, ‘The Herbs’, who have since then been inducted into the New Zealand Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame

The Fonoti Brothers grew up watching their Dad perform all across New Zealand & Australia, alongside his brother, Brian, as the duo, ‘Simon & Fire’

They were the original Fonoti Brothers and their greatest inspiration to become the accomplished performers they are today - teaching them everything they know so they can best to represent the Fonoti Brother legacy today

Both seasoned vocalists and guitarists, they have performed over a thousand gigs. Their favourite genre of music is R’n’B, however, they are heavily influenced by old Motown acts like, Marvin Gaye to Michael Jackson, through to 90’s R’n’B and today’s top R’n’B artists like, Bruno Mars and The Weeknd. Aside from R’n’B, you can expect an authentic blend of pop, reggae and hip hop!


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Yac and Noah are both brilliant performers solo but when put together its magic!